Komunikat o błędzie

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CULTURE PATCH - 44 PCS (990 breeding holes)

The most important element of all beehive “Pszczelnika” is the culture patch, which is used to set up nests by bees for solitude. It aims to reduce the workload and costs associated with the breeding of these bees. Individual plates are made by injection method based on matrices representing their shape. Such a production method gives almost unlimited possibilities as to the color of the molds made. It is possible to add appropriate components that increase resistance among others to UV rays, low and high temperatures, etc. The  unit is equipped with grooves or nest channels used for nesting and cell construction by bees, as well as locks to facilitate laying the tiles on themselves and preventing them from being used. shifting in a horizontal plane. This module can be combined with the next in the form of a wall filled with socket channels. The assembled tiles form one consistent and combined unit for rearing bees that resembles the shape of a honeycomb. In addition, in the bottom part of the module there are gullies thanks to which the space in the duct is tightly closed. In the front part of the module there is a "balcony" thanks to which the bee can easily land, easily select the appropriate position of the entrance to the nest (front or back) depending on the activities performed - cleaning the nest, removing the pollen, laying eggs, building the partition. In addition, the "balcony" strengthens and stiffens the structure and scatters the light reducing the temperature inside the socket.